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Just want to share some AMVs with our favorite couple that a friend of mine made.

Also something not Almanda related, but the girl and the boy *and the whole setting, the wheat fields etc* remind me strongly of Fem!Alma and young Kanda and etc. Especially the girl's design, not so much the boy.
Oh well...maybe it's just me being too obsessed but here you go:

You can view the original full-length animation of it ~here~
Anyway it's a beautiful animation so I thought I'd share it
Minato Manga

Fanart - Alma

Based on starcrossed-sky's calculations, the 17th of December is the day when Alma and Kanda had their tragic fight [ 193 days after Kanda's birthday].
Planed on drawing something for that day, but I couldn't wait until then~
So here you have a really early fanart:

Hope you like it~

You're more than welcome to submit something [picture, fanfic, amv, etc...] for that day too ^^

Xion by Twin

After Black [Prologue]

Summary: Over a century after the "death" of Allen Walker, the war isn't over yet. The Black Order still exists, but it has little power to stop the Earl, not when its Exorcists are easily overwhelmed by Akuma without the Noah themselves even stepping in. For the players that remain, it has become a game of waiting. But as the Fourteenth and the Earl prepare for their finale, an ascended extra begins to move. God is just a pipe dream, but the angels may yet shake the stage. [Modern, post-series AU; Apocryphos!Alma; weird reincarnation shit]
Notes:Wow, I totally planned to get more of this done this weekend than I did. But here's the first section, AKA the godawful long backstory prologue. Lots of headcanon here. Also, warning now for copious amounts of Homestuck references.